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A New Breed of Escape Rooms is now here

Host adventures at any location can offer unique on-site games at a location of your customer’s choice. This is great for birthday parties as well as events for companies, schools, scouting, churches, festivals and more!

A modified enclosed trailer, accommodating a large volume of customers through the unique experience in a single day's time. It should provide an opportunity for you to easily make the transition from a Mobile Escape Room into a full City adventure.

Seasoned Escape Room owner or Newcomer

A Mobil Escape Room provides a path to expansion, whether you are a startup or for those of you who have survived startup and for those who have built successful businesses and may be wondering how to take the next step and grow your business beyond its current status.


It is a great way for your establishment to expand beyond the walls and offer a wider range of products and services to a larger geographical market. Growing your brand brings value to your existing business and provides quality service to your customers. Both are important in creating goodwill in the marketplace. That growth in your business might just garner may provide the distinct advantage you need to excel in such a singular market niche.

With a Mobile Escape Room you will have a huge advantage of being able to reach higher volume events with very little additional overhead cost (rent, bills, avoiding duplicate compliance with local codes and with local planning commissions).


Thinking of opening your own Escape Room and don’t know where to start? Rent is going to be one of the major fixed costs. In addition to that, finding the right location is critical. Unlike residential real estate, the commercial market is limited. Investigate necessary local requirements and permits. Laws vary from county to county and some permits can take months to obtain. You will also have comply with a credit check by the property owner and might have to take the lease obligations for a term longer than 3 years.There will likely also be a building permit requirements involved. This is not to discourage you, but simply to allow you to provide yourself with information for an orderly start to success.

With our Mobil Escape Room you can reduce you initial investment and the weigh the risks. With your one-time investment you will receive a complete product that is ready to run.

Reasons to choose mobile?

  • A reduction in operating expenses. No commercial property lease agreement and obligations/liabilities related to it
  • Market expansion thanks to mobility
  • Walk-in traffic in a crowded location
  • Opportunities to coordinate with local and seasonal entertainment events. Festivals, Concerts, Parades and etc.
  • Advertisement opportunity. Such an eye-catching facility is an invaluable tool for engaging with consumers and expanding your brand recognition; your advertising goes where you do.
  • A ready-to-operate product with no additional settings
  • Faster return on a one-time investment

We provide 2 pricing range options for our services. No matter which option you choose, you will receive our tech support and service, availability of spare props, parts and details to go with them.

Contact our team with your inquiries and details for purchasing a ready-to-operate Mobile Escape Room.


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