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Currently, the Escape Room Directory lists 577 escape rooms in the United States.

What makes YOU to stand out?

We have developed a new technology that will take escape rooms to the next level. Our team of engineers and creative staff collaborated with the sole purpose of crafting a new product combining virtual reality with high-quality graphics, a breakthrough which will become mainstream in the not too distant future.

Unlike other VR Escape Room experiences, our quest includes both the traditional escape room combined with augmented and virtual reality adapted and customized to your individual space requirements.

Conventional pen-and-paper puzzles have become obsolete in our complex world and life. Its time to take your customer beyond imagination to a futuristic laboratory with an exciting interactive lighting and audio environment incorporating active puzzles using enhanced virtual reality, an intriguing storyline and an experience for participants deep in immersion.

The project comes to life powered by Oculus Rift.


In the near future year of 2018, a scientist named Michael Hall has invented the world's first truly successful artificial intelligence system. He gives it the lighthearted name of “Eliza”.

Eliza turned out to be a stunning success and was soon adopted by industry, commercial and personal services and all manner of gadgets, cars and appliances. All of the communication networks and media distribution systems fell under Eliza’s complete control.

Six months later, the now-eminent Dr. Hall has disappeared and at the same time his brilliant artificial intelligence has failed in its many applications. All of modern society is in panic. You, a team of loyal followers of the scientist, have been charged with the responsibility to find him and, in essence, save mankind from destruction.

You now will find yourselves in Michael’s laboratory. Your mission is to learn what happened to him and, if possible, bring Eliza with all her wonderful system capabilities back to life.

According to the protocols of science, as soon as you enter the lab, the security system will lock the door behind you. You will also need to devise a way get out of the laboratory within the allotted hour.

For who:

For who:

• Existing escape room owners, interested in business expansion, operational and quality improvements.

• Startups seeking ways for successful competition with large chains and franchising companies

Why choose us?

The Game inspires creative thinking and will not become obsolete like so many other puzzles. Our augmented reality and virtual reality literally allows players to interact directly with the most modern digital technology. This new hot trend may seem futuristic, but the interest to it among the consumers is appearing quicker than ever. As the famous science fiction writer William Gibson noted, the future is already here. However, as we are entering an era of inclusivity unlike anything we have ever seen before, this future seems to have more influence to the entertainment industry than anyone could imagined.

Our combination of enhanced virtual reality with a traditional escape room allows participants to avoid the uncomfortable side effects of motion sickness inherent in many long-lasting VR experiences. Instead of the VR tricking the one's senses into feeling motion and inertia, players are using their own movements and brains interacting with the challenges presented them.

A feature not found in most Escape Rooms is our dual exit. In our application, after successfully negotiating their challenges, participants come upon another decision. Do they chose the exit to the right or the exit to the left? In this twist, they come to something that many people face sometime in life: a choice based on their past experience and a touch of faith in the future.

We provide a narrative script for the room that tends to be much more popular and successful, than escape rooms that lack them. Our theme flows through the entire experience, including the props inside the escape room, the puzzles and the clues.

Our room has been pre-tested assembling observation data how various groups approach the puzzles and using the the results to drive our continuous improvement of the experience and value.

Being a small business owner like you, we are well aware of the breadth of responsibility and multiple-tasking involved in being successful that in a large corporation may be spread over many departments and employees. We are sure you are proficient and professional in your operation, but running an Escape room brings other challenges. We strive to offer you a “ready to operate” room, minimize problems and assist you in meeting those challenges and gaining the rewards your work deserves.

No need to overwhelm yourself with a creation of a new scenario and implementation process, Let us do it for you!

We offer:

  • A ready to operate product with no hidden adjustments
  • Tech support and service. Spare props, parts and details
  • Fast return on investment
  • A reasonable time frame in which to receive your order



Space specifications:

    The Game consists of 2 rooms:
  • The Main Room
  • The Server Room

  • This Game can be set up in any office-like location due to its simplicity and chosen theme (the laboratory).

    Room Models (front and reverse perspective):


    Although the plan includes the complete set of schemes, drawings, etc., it is possible to introduce amendments to the project both in terms of changing the location of objects, light lines, etc. and in terms of completely alternating the overall design.
    There are no limitations imposed to the square footage and it is up to the owner whether to separate an existing property into 2 rooms or designate 2 already existing rooms for this Game. However, we do recommend making a Server room narrower that the Main Room due to the presence of a riddle with buttons on the walls.



    Special features:

    Room Manager Software

    Room Manager Software

    Room Manager System controls the Game. It consists of a Software program that manages the network between all components: computers, tablets, screen monitors, lighting and audio.
    That software will allow you to control the progress of your players and reset the system within a glance that will reduce the resetting time and allow you to decrease the gap between the reservations.

    Clue system

    Clue system

    The hints are also implemented to the scenario and are given by the game character through the screen and speakers. Delivering hints this way will make the adventure a 100% immersive and narrative. No need to have a game master interfering to your customer’s experience anymore!

    Special effects

    Special effects

    The VR 3D scene will be customized to the actual property you have. When a player puts the headset on, he or she will see the room in 3D with real-life dimensions so they can literally walk around the place wearing headset and not be bumping to the walls or objects. Room’s 3D scene will be combined with additional graphics that feature a futuristic looking artificial intelligence system in a portal with hi-quality 3D graphics and high resolution. In order to solve the puzzle in VR, the players will still need to interact with physical objects in a room. That is where the boundaries of two realities get blurred.

    Professional artists performed the video and audio production. There is plenty interactive lightening and sound effects to make the Game more responsive to the actions performed by the players.



    The VR riddle will require all players to participate. One person wears the headset and others are able to watch what the player in a headset sees on a screen, which is located in a room and mounted to the wall. When the player produces the right manipulation with a sphere in his hands, the rest of the group will be pressing buttons located on opposite sides of the walls. That action will require at least 2 people. Initially the Game was designed for 6 players in a room at a time.



    Needless to say that VR and augmented reality are globally becoming mainstream. Many Themed Roller Coaster Parks in the United States are now featuring VR rides. That is definitely something that can separate you from your competitors and help you to create a brand awareness of your company among the public. Moreover, we all know that the Brand cost more than just a location. Consider this project as an investment to your Brand capital asset and investment in terms of marketing. Nowadays a local newspaper more likely will mention a new heretofore-unknown extraordinary entertainment enterprise than just another Escape Room in a neighborhood. That is especially applicable in a rising competition market, because you need to ‘Wow’ people with previous experience and we believe that we can help you with that!


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