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Cyber Raccoon prides itself on providing a most original immersive Escape Game experience that generates an emotional response from the audience. We have props that feel right, puzzles and decorations that go with the theme of the room, sets that will take you back in time or forward to the sci-fi future.

Whether you purchase one of our rooms available for sale or order custom one-of-a-kind masterpiece from us, you will get carefully crafted room design with professional movie-grade props. Our game mechanics designed by seasoned escape room experts.

Escape Games available for sale and 3 price ranges



Includes: scenario, architect plans, electric plans, reproduction schematics, documentation and exclusive license, setup checklist, video and audio files (sound effects), reset guide, promotional pictures, technical support, consulting and training.


All of the Basic Plan + core props, spares, gadgets and controlling fixtures. In some cases includes exclusive software and firmware. In this scenario we manufacture the props and ship it to you. Decorations are not included. The buyer is responsible for installation and connection.
Complete build out

Complete build out

Complete installation to your property including labor. The property must have the necessary layout and major construction performed. The payment is made in 3 steps. First 50% to produce and deliver the props and gadgets, 25% when we start the labor at your location and the last 25% when we complete the work.

There is also an option for the entire location installation.

Existing games are live-tested, free of bugs and roughnesses and have top rating and great feedback.

The Games have specific requirements. Please provide us with your property specifics and dimensions including control game master room and lobby.



Props and gadgets


Our props have a high production manufacturing level with CNC routing and engraving.

Android and Unity

We also specialize on custom-build applications to be implemented in props on Android and Unity Platform.

Arduino and RFID

The complexity can vary from simple mechanic props to high-tech devices on Arduino Platform with different censoring accompanied by sound effects.


Android and Unity-powered platforms for Escape Room props:

Nowadays custom apps used for Escape Room needs are getting more relevant thanks to its infinite possibilities. They offer you a wide range of functionalities that can bring your project to life and are not possible in any other form. There are a lot of great benefits about Android-powered devices that can be integrated to your room props.

  • Professionally illustrated engaging puzzles
  • Elegant immersive design, high user adoption
  • Reduce the reset time between games thanks to the automatic reset
  • Solved puzzle can trigger another device anywhere in a room
    If you purchase our Game Management software, you will also receive an ability to control the devise from the Game Master room and adjust the difficulty for each group of players.




Examples of Arduino programmed props:

Not sure what Arduino can do? Here are some examples from our earlier work just to give you a better idea. Please note that each project is unique and custom-made so the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Coding mantel

Gets activated when certain objects are placed on it. A long row of small buttons can contain any necessary information or have a word mixed among the letters. When some of the buttons are pressed, can open a hidden door or activate any other prop. The buttons will light up only when pressed.

Floor chess

5 field positions have RFID readers and 5 chess figures have RFID tags. When you place all figures on a field in the right position, the device triggers a mag lock or other prop in a room. You have a chose to have your own combination.

Pipe valves

Player needs to open valves in the right order. Each correct turn light up LED light. When player makes a mistake, LEDs turn off and player needs to start over. In order to start over, all valves need to be turned to the initial position. Game is finished when player opens all 7 valves in right order.

RFID Module with Arduino

A red led always blinking. When you bring RFID closer, it makes a reading sound. Then the program defines if it is the right RFID or not. If it is, it makes a success sound and opens the mag lock. If it is not the right one, a red LED holds up for 3 seconds and then starts blinking again. The device will trigger a magnet lock or another prop in a room.


The lid will rise up when elements on the sides are placed in a right order and position.


Piano prop

Make your guests to play a certain melody on a real piano. You would have an ability to choose any melody and adjust the time frame within which players supposed to acomplish the task (starting at 0.5 second to 1.5 seconds per note).

Coding prop with magic book

When the book is opened, the black light in a coding prop tights on and reveals the symbols. The action is active when the book is opened and not active when closed. Real book with paper pages.

hint over the Radio station or phone

Find the right radio station to receive a hint. a Recorded audio file is looped and played on one station. When certain numbers are dialed on a phone, a recorded audio is played.


Activates something in a room when you cover his eyes for certain time.


activates when you place a metal object inside. Does not have to be iron.

The Magic Book

Make a cool prop out of any book! Ones players open the book, it triggers something in a room, such as black light, fan, music and etc. The effect continues while the book is open. Ones it is closed, it turns off. It has a very wide signal range and requires charging ones a week with wireless pad-charger. Amaze your players with so true magic!

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