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Turn waiting time into entertaining time with our interactive games specifically designed for your business, special occasion, or even advertising campaign!

We have developed interactive Games on digital platform that feature content relevant for your business, special occasion, or marketing event — crafted exclusively for busy waiting room environment or any high-traffic locations.

The concept

The concept is extremely simple and user-friendly. The guests will play by connecting to the game through Wi-Fi with 2 clicks on their cell phones then they choose the character. The game allows up to 4 participants at a time. By shaking their phones the animation comes to life and characters begin the competition. The most energetic one will win. Easy-accessible app will help serve children and adults as a way to pass the time with pleasure!

Watch the video

For who

Business advertising campaign

Business advertising campaign

This game is not just a great opportunity to familiarize your brand through multimedia content to the audience but also an added amenity that can set your facility apart from competitors.

It is completely unique and will certainly make an impression of your extraordinary services.

Use design to add personality! Fashion is a means of personal expression; think of design as a means of expression for your business — a way to reinforce your brand identity. This definitely is an area where you can get creative! We offer a custom-built design for your particular product or some kind of focused concept .

Consider the interests of your clientele. Do you run a sports club? If so, the game with relative funny animation and an eye-catching introduction video "Start Working out today!" will definitely grab people's attention.

Our practice shows that it is especially efficient when the game is accompanied by a performer or a host.
Waiting area

Waiting area

In the world of small business, first impression is crucial. Regardless of the type of business you own, a customer’s opinion of your business begins the moment he or she walks through the front door. The more welcoming the space, the better your chances of building a positive client experience right from the get-go.

Our games are an efficient and inexpensive tool for keeping your visitors feeling positive even if they must wait. This Game creates a welcoming environment and is family friendly.

Your waiting area should also be a reflection of what you and your company or organization represent and here it comes to our special offer of ordering a custom-built game with your logo or design.

Most waiting areas have magazines and other reading material. Incorporate memorable details - set your business apart by offering something fun and different! It is a great points of visual interest— 5 sec brief animated introduction video will catch attention.
Special event

Special event

Surprise and delight event guests with a high-end entertainment!

Many people feel uncomfortable when they first arrive at events, all dressed up and looking for familiar faces. The game will help people warm up to each other and feel excited about what lies ahead.

The key is to start from the beginning-from the moment guests first enter, there needs to be an icebreaker that puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

The path to reaching this goal is not easy and can be overwhelming to know where to even start. That’s why we’ve created this product to take the guessing out of the process. The freedom to be creative allowed our developers to find out the right combination of aspects to put together a truly unforgettable experience for all!

Wow attendees, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or a corporate gala.



You can select from a library of pre-designed games, or order a custom-built game exclusively for your business or event. It can be simply branded with your logo; can contain a short advertisement that would air between the games or you can also order a completely new personalized design to promote any particular product or business.

How it works

Game’s software is installed on your computer and connected to digital display located in your lobby, waiting area, mall and etc. Along with a software you will receive a pre-set Wi-Fi router which will create a network for players to connect to the game. The guests will play with their cell phones by connecting to that designated Wi-Fi.

Package includes

  • Router
  • Software for 3 games
  • Brief introduction animated video
  • Ongoing support and dedicated personal specialist to guide you through the installation process

Necessary hardware



Any computer or laptop with HDMI output.


A pre-set router with your choice of a name for Wi-Fi. Make it your company name or product!


The size of the screen will depend on the space layout.

Lately we all are attached to our phones. How often have you been at a gathering where people are focused on their phones more than interacting with other people? Probably too often. What if we used our phones for having fun interactions with the people around us?

Contact our team to order a package or with an inquiry for a custom-built game.


  • Interactive Games

    Interactive Games

    • Business advertising campaign
    • Waiting area or lobby
    • Special event
  • Digital platform

    Digital platform

    Crafted exclusively for busy waiting room environment or any high-traffic locations.

    Icon TrainerUnique

    Icon Fitness LevelsDedicated support

    Icon SmoothieUser-friendly

  • See in action

    See in action

    Will help serve children and adults as a way to pass the time with pleasure!


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