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Escape Room digital liability waiverby Cyber Raccoon

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Why you need a waiver?

The purpose of a release form is to limit the liability of your business to cover potential accidents that may occur to the participants. Escape Room owners do their best to ensure a safe environment for the players but nobody is immune to minor possible risk of your customer tripping over. Especially in such an amusement enterprise. Its no joke when some players under running out of time pressure are willing to ”complete the mission” at all hazards. That is when players forget about ‘no climbing’ alike rules you covered in the introduction.

Despite the main purpose of a release form, sometimes people overlook other functionalities a modern digital waiver can provide you with, like email addresses or useful data that can affect your advertisement tactics. A simple “How did you hear about us” field can completely change your marketing source priorities.

Why digital?

One might think that if no injury has occurred by the end of the player’s participation, the business can safely discard the waiver at that point. Depending in which stale you are located, you are required to retain the forms until the statute of limitations has expired (the legal restriction on the length of time an injured party has in which to file suit) which in some cases can reach several years. This is particularly relevant for those who embed waiver PDF file to their websites with a requirement to bring a singed copy in a printed form and present before the activity. Most businesses do not have an unlimited physical space, in addition to that, it complicates the storing and searching procedures in case you need to pull up some information. Furthermore, hand written information increases the chances of a wrong decrypting that may result a loss of essential information like customer’s email address or marketing questioner. It also significantly increases the time spent for manually replicating the information into a database.

Is digital waiver legal?

Federal law Electronic Signatures in the Global and National Commerce Act (enacted June 30, 2000) grants legal recognition and legal effect of an electronic signature (eSign). Digital waivers are now considered as legally binding as a paper equivalent, and therefore subject to the same legal scrutiny of authenticity that applies to paper documents.

Why are we different?

Our Waiver contains features based on real-life necessities with functionalities optimized specifically for Escape Room Businesses.


We offer two standard forms of reception:

  • Online
  • In person
Online: customers pre-sign a form at your website prior to arriving. Signature is made by using a keyboard and mouse. You have an ability to either implement the form to your website by adding a special Widget or include a computer browser public link to your website as well as include a link to an automatic booking confirmation email.

In person: available from a tablet or phone at your facility. Set up a waiver signing kiosk station at your counter or a floor stand. Customers trace the signature with a finger or stylus on tablet touch screen.

How does it work?

From user’s side:

After the reservation is made, the customer has two options how to fill up a waiver. First one is to pre-sign a form online via either an implemented plugin on company’s website or by clicking to the URL link received with an automatic booking confirmation email.

Second option is to sign in person at a facility before the game. It approximately takes 2 min for each person to fill it up.

The standard form consist of a front page where customer choose the room

then pick the time of the reservation

read the content

and sign the form. Along with a signature there could be fields for a player’s Name, email, date, and etc.


Step 1

Step 1

Name the activity, place the images
Step 2

Step 2

define header and custom fields



From receiver's side:

If customer performs the procedure in a facility, the staff have an access to real-time live tracking from their mobile devices or Tablet. The information is available instantly with no time delay. A sound signal indicates a new data input.

If a customer signed the form online in advance, the staff can review a presorted information that is only relevant for each particular room and reservation time session. No need to go through a severe search of record massive lists trying to reveal each person by name. The main idea of a pre-signed waiver is to reduce the preparation time before the activity and not to spend the same amount of time on searching each guest throughout the data to ensure that all of the participants signed up. The procedure is especially frustrating if you have big groups of participants where people signed the forms at different time and in different form (online or at a location). The real-life situation indicates that regular searching by name is not efficient and neither convenient, no matter how hard other waiver providers persuade. We are aware of ER business realities and created a great solution!

Unlike other services, our digital waiver system is customizable to your particular business. It will contain information upon which the system complies and sorts the data, which simplifies the searching process. You can easily review the information from your admin page to make sure everybody signed up. The admin interface has blocks on a header. Each block represents a Gaming room and contains room’s individual schedule. A new input immediately falls into the system that instantly sorts and updates the information. Pull up the report by 2 clicks: choose a room then choose a reservation time. Voila! You have a list of the pre-registered players. Scrolling the page on the sides allows you to review the next and the previous time slots. There is also an option to review all rooms on one page. This functionality is especially convenient for ER business due to its special requirements. No matter if your booking is per person or per entire room.

Easy to browse

Add notes


Use filters



  • Unlimited digital waivers. No matter how many signs you get a month.
  • Reasonable service payment plan. No hidden fees.
  • Works offline without constant Internet connection.
  • Efficient online pre-sign procedure and optimized searching interface.
  • Simple intuitive setting configurations interface.
  • Ability to export Data in CSV format to your email marketing service.
  • Create your own fields to sign; ability to imbed to your website or provide a dedicated URL.
  • Possibility for parents or legal guardians to sign for minors (age under 18).
  • Free analyzer of collected data will complement the standard characteristics.
  • Will work on Android platform

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